April 26


Eat Happy Foods

We all know what emotional eating is; think of the girl who just got dumped by her boyfriend and grabs a pint of ice cream we’ve seen on T.V. more times then we can count. While fatty foods and sweet treats do increase our brain levels of serotonin and dopamine, they can also make you feel sick and fat. Instead, grab a food off of the list below for the same feel-good feelings, but without the negative impact.

What Are Some Happy Foods?

These foods contain a high level of the calming amino acid tryptophan and stimulate the happy & relaxing hormones dopamine and serotonin:

  • whey protein
  • seafood
  • turkey
  • whole grains
  • beans
  • rice (brown or wild)
  • hummus
  • lentils
  • nuts
  • eggs
  • sunflower seeds
  • sesame seeds
  • dairy products
  • dark chocolate (YAY!)

When going for the dark chocolate, look for the one that contains AT LEAST 70% cocoa; it has more antioxidants and health benefits for you! Confession of a chocolate-lover: I enjoy one to two small squares of dark chocolate almost each night after dinner :).

A Bonus Happy Food  

I try to feed my family seafood at least once per week, so I am sharing one of my favorite & easiest salmon recipes. It’s a hit with even my littles! And it’s ready in under 30 minutes, which is always a winner on those busy weeknights. Quick, easy, and yummy….can’t get better then that!

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