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…”Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or trend. Instead, it’s a lifestyle.”

Don’t go it alone! Let me help you! Join me for an upcoming wellness challenge.

My Challenge Groups: 

  • 30 Days
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Daily Encouragement + Motivation
  • Daily Wellness Challenges
  • Ongoing support even after the challenge group ends
  • A community of like-minded women on their own wellness journeys
  • Wellness tips from a licensed Wellness Coach
    Meal prep resources + recipes, and more! 

What is a wellness challenge? 

My wellness challenges are monthly accountability groups of like-minded women all on our own health & wellness journey to be our best selves. We’re busy mommas and women on a mission to change our lives to be able to thrive in our health and well-being. I host our challenge groups in private Facebook groups with encouraging posts each day to help keep you on track and motivated to push through. We support each other and cheer each other on together, one day at a time.

How much does a wellness challenge cost? 

Great question! Our challenge group prices vary each month. Each group depends on what the challenge includes, so some are as low as $2/day and others can be priced up to $300. My upper-end challenges do come with money-back guarantees, so be sure to learn more about this amazing opportunity to look good, feel good, and be your best self!

Are you ready to change your life and become your most confident YOU?

What: 30 Day Health & Wellness Challenge

When: Tuesday, June 1st

Details: Together, we’ll take on functional nutrition goals, attainable exercise challenges, tackle our daily habits and attitude changes needed to help us become our BEST SELVES! The best part? We’ll do all of this and so much more in just 30 DAYS all for $2/per day!

I am SO excited to offer this opportunity to YOU and can’t wait to see you thrive!

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What: 30 Day Whole Foods Challenge! 

When: Monday, May 1st, 2021

Details: Have you been looking for a realistic way to get your nutrition on track? YOU ARE NOT ALONE and I CAN HELP! This challenge is for ladies who are SERIOUS about getting their nutrition in check and on track!

Cost: $300, *BUT* if you send me your food intake daily (with NO cheating!),
Send before & after pics
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That’s how much I know this challenge will work for YOU!

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