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I like the fitness part of it and am thankful for the swap out exercises Brandy gave me for less stress on my bad shoulder. Great challenge! It's always nice to have someone in your corner to help make healthier decisions.

Jennifer b.

I was super inspired by the entire program!! This is something I have been wanting to do, but the opportunity just wasn't there until your program. It was super informative,
but not in overload! The mental health daily challenges made the entire program feel like the mind, soul and body were all getting nourished. Thank you!!

Melody T.

I am in awe of how knowledgeable you are at every level Brandy. When a few questions were ask that you didn’t know you would research and get back with us. You are a walking encyclopedia of health knowledge!


Join me for my Monthly Wellness Challenge

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I’m Brandy, a wife, mama, registered nurse, and a lover of health & wellness. I enjoy working with people and sharing my passion for living a healthier lifestyle right now, regardless of where they currently are in their health journey

 Making one healthier family at a time!

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